Philippine Centre Canada – Centre des Philippines au Canada

Enable, Empower, Engage



PCC’s vision is a strong Filipino-Canadian community in Canada’s National Capital Region, contributing their skills, values and culture in building a better Canada.


To support Filipino-Canadians in becoming an integral part of Canadian society by providing programs and services that meet their aspirations and needs and promote pride in Filipino heritage.


  1. Service: We believe that everyone can and want to contribute the full potential of their skills, values and culture to enrich Canadian society.
  2. Collaboration: We believe that our strength and effectiveness as a community is built on working together, in collaboration and partnership with others.
  3. Openness to All: We respect each person and value differences. We believe that our diverse origins, cultures and orientations all contribute to positive change.
  4. Accountability: We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity, and transparency. We acknowledge the legitimate interests of our members, our partners and those we serve, and we comply with the laws and regulations of our country.
  5. Pride in Filipino Heritage: We believe that the rich Filipino culture, customs and traditions contribute to the vitality and vibrancy of Canadian society.


  1. Enhance the visibility of PCC as an organization by:
    1. Strengthening its governance structure by clarifying the roles. Functions and authority of the Board, Committees and committee Chairs
    2. Increasing its active membership base
    3. Establishing relations with potential sources of funding support for PCC programs and activities
    4. Maintaining positive and productive relations with the different levels of government in Canada and the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa
  1. Strengthen relations with other Filipino community organizations by:
    1. Collaborating and pursuing jointly in partnership the development and implementation of program activities,
    2. Participating in the programs sponsored by other organizations
    3. Offering programs and services for and on behalf of other Filipino organizations
  1. Develop and implement programs to respond to the needs of various demographic groups such as newcomers, migrants, elderly, and youth
  1. Promote the Filipino cultural heritage by:
    1. Organizing Filipino cultural programs
    2. Participating in cultural heritage programs in Canada

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