Personal support worker Roann receives a SALAMAT Box

Roann works as a personal support worker for an agency in Ottawa.
According to her, she is satisfied with the support of the homecare agency that she works for in protecting their employees. She said that, the pandemic has been more challenging because wearing the personal protective equipment for longer hours can sometimes feel you are short of breath. But she extremely believes that safety is of utmost importance!
A wife and a mother of two kids, she understands and implements safety practices so that she will not transmit infection to her family.
Roan shared what she thinks are important measures in infection prevention: assess yourself before and after working using the Covid-19 questionnaire to ensure of the worker and the client’s safety; at work, be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared so that you can provide proper care to your clients in the community.
Thank you to Canadian Red Cross and Employment and Social Development Canada for supporting our Filipino Canadian frontliners.
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