Dietary aid Melba who works in a retirement home receives a SALAMAT Box

Melba is a dietary aid in a retirement home. According to her, it is a big challenge for Personal Support Workers (PSW) like her during the pandemic. There is a high risk of contacting diseases because PSWs provide direct care. Also, during outbreaks, every worker has to follow infection prevention guidelines to protect each resident and every worker in the workplace. She said that it can become very stressful going to work because of the fear that one of these days she might be infected. She is thankful that so far she has been healthy during the pandemic.
Melba is very grateful for the SALAMAT box food package and hand hygiene kit delivered by Philippine Centre Canada volunteers Rochelle and Mila. She said that the assitance will be of great help to her.
Thank you Canadian Red Cross and Employment and Social Development Canada supporting the Filipino-Canadian community during this uncertain times!
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