Wilma as a caregiver for 25 years receives a SALAMAT Box

Wilma has been a caregiver for 25 years in Canada. She provides personal care to an elderly resident in a nursing home in Ottawa. Her everyday job puts her at higher risk of contacting a disease. Nonetheless, she follows all measures on infection transmission prevention to protect herself and the community.
She lives alone and she knows that there is limited help if ever she gets sick. Sometimes she feels exhausted from work but needs to put more effort so that she can sustain her daily needs. To help Wilma in her food supply, she received Philippine Centre Canada’s Salamat Box food package and hand hygiene kit from a funding provided by the Canadian Government thru a grant from the Canadian Red Cross and Employment and Social Development Canada.
Salamat sa iyo Wilma for your caring heart to your elderly clients. Stay safe!
Thank you to our very kind volunteer Pamela for going out your way to deliver on a rainy day!
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