Ontario government awards grant to PCC

Filipinos and Canadians of Filipino origin have much to contribute to Canadian society. It is with this in mind that Philippine Centre Canada – Centre des Philippines au Canada (PCC-CPC) has been planning the services and programs that it is undertaking for 2018 and beyond.

With the assistance from a grant recently awarded by the Government of Ontario (Multicultural Community Capacity Grant Program 2018-2019 Stream 2 Application: Incorporated not-for Profit Organizations) PCC-CPC will offer a number of programs that will not only help increase the communication skills of its target group but also provide the necessary information and training to be able to use these in helping build a better community and society. In the process of acquiring skills, the participants, including all volunteers, will also gain more knowledge of the community they live in.

The grant money has provided PCC-CPC the opportunity to improve its online presence to reach not only Filipino Canadians but the general Canadian community as well. PCC-CPC aims to have an online presence that will help in achieving its mission.

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