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Message from the Chair

Our Dear “Kababayans”:

Philippine Centre Canada (PCC) is very much aware of the significant impact of COVID-19 on individuals and families in our Filipino-Canadian community. The pandemic caused by the coronavirus is now affecting all aspects of our personal and professional lives. This is unsettling for many of us as it makes us feel isolated. We rely on one another for support, growth and camaraderie.

As Filipino-Canadians, let us remember to remain strong amidst this crisis. We are all in this together. We know that we can continue to move forward and not allow this crisis to defeat us, for we know that Filipino-Canadians are one of the most resilient groups, adaptable, supportive, helpful, generous and ready to serve.

In our website, we compiled helpful information and resources about COVID-19 and our ongoing face mask campaign. Let us use these resources to help ourselves and others.

Let us all stay connected. Stay safe, take care of your physical and emotional health.


Nena Nera

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