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Philippine Centre Canada - Centre Philippine Canada

Filipino-Canadian Community Contributing To Build A Better Canada


One of PCC's objectives is to develop and promote community spirit and understanding.

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Another of PCC's objectives is to provide counselling, training, and support services

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PCC offers classes and workshops to help empower community members to engage in building a better society.

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Canadians of Filipino origin make up one of the largest non-European ethnic groups in Canada (

The number of immigrants from the Philippines almost doubled (95%) from 232,665 in 2001 to 454,335 in 2011 (

Also, in another recent study by Statistics Canada (, it stated that

There was significant variation in chronic low-income rates among immigrants from different places of birth. In 2012, immigrants from Northwestern Europe, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and the United States had rates in the 4% to 5% range, while those from East and South Asia had rates in the 17% to 19% range—roughly four times higher”.

These statistics show that it is a worthwhile endeavour to provide services to help integrate newly arrived immigrants and workers from the Philippines since there is a great potential for these and other Canadians of Filipino origin in contributing positively to Canadian society.


The newly formed Board of Directors of Philippine Centre Canada has the challenge of not only promoting the integration of newly arrived Filipinos and Canadians of Filipino origin into Canadian society but also in engaging them in actively participating in building Canadian society. Philippine Centre Canada now takes on a new meaning, Philippines in the heart (centre) of Canada, a vision of enabling Filipino-Canadians and newly arrived Filipinos to help shape the community and the country that they now live in.

In the coming year, PCC will strive to offer a number of programs that will provide the necessary information and skills that can be used in helping build a better community and society. In the process of acquiring skills in various training programs, the participants, including all volunteers, will also gain more knowledge of the community they live in and hopefully commit themselves in helping build flourishing communities.