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Women’s Month

Celebrating Women’s Month

Pinoy Celebrating Women was an inspiring event held last March 26, 2023, that was dedicated to celebrating the strength and beauty of women. It seeks to recognize and celebrate the amazing contributions of women in society, while also highlighting the issues they face. The program included inspiring talks about disability, immigration and self-love.


The event also provided fun side services such as giving out flowers, short massages, activities for children and free hand creams. The event was a great success with over 100 women in attendance from Ottawa and neighbouring cities. Women of all ages and backgrounds came to honour their strength and beauty and enjoy the empowering conversations and services provided.

The new Philippine Ambassador to Canada, Hon. Maria Andrelita S. Austria, graciously opened the event with inspiring remarks. The PCC is deeply grateful to Heritage Canada for its funding support and to PCC staff, student volunteers, and Board members for their hard work in making the event a success. A special thank you goes to the panellists, Alicia Natividad, Anna-Karina Tabunar, and Benilda Formoso, who shared their stories as immigrant women, and to the panel moderators, Shaila Saffaee Chalkasra and Regina Sosing.  

Everyone was uplifted by the inspiring talks and the atmosphere was filled with love and appreciation. The event was a great opportunity for women to come together, support each other and celebrate their strength.   We would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the event. It was a day to remember and PCC is looking forward to hosting similar events in the future and continuing to celebrate Pinoy women and their stories.


*The link below contains further information about the past event.

Philippine Canada Centre sa Ottawa, ipinagdiwang ang kabayanihan ng mga Pilipina sa Canada sa pagtatapos ng Women’s Month

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