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Women’s Heart Health Talk by Marion Martell April 17, 2021

Women’s Heart Health Talk by Marion Martell

April 17, 2021

“Start the conversation- because her heart matters too.”

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women over 35 globally, meaning more women succumb to heart disease every year than men and women who die from cancer. Marion Martell from the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre gave a presentation about women and heart disease in a virtual event hosted by the Philippine Centre Canada and the Ottawa Valley Filipino-Canadian Senior Citizens Association (OVFCSCA) on March 26th.

Ms. Martell’s presentation focused on ways to prevent women’s heart disease and develop a heart healthy lifestyle. She provided the participants a list of tips on how to maintain their physical health, mainly by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Ms. Martell also emphasized the importance of managing stress and taking care of one’s emotional health, as prioritizing one’s emotional health also contributes to a healthy heart.

The participants actively participated by asking questions and sharing Filipino cultural habits that impact their heart health. Overall, the virtual event was a success, and the hosts asked Ms. Martell to give the same presentation to other Filipino-Canadian seniors who missed to attend the event. Ms. Martell gladly accepted the invitation and will be presenting again on April 24.

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