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Teilhard Paradela


Ty (they/them) works as a senior policy analyst in the Gender-Based Violence Policy division at Women and Gender Equality (WAGE) Canada. They are also finishing their PhD in History at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Their dissertation, entitled Audiences Exposed: Communication and Discipline in the Philippines in the 20th Century, examines how the category of the audience has been imagined in the archipelago. For their research, they have received a doctoral fellowship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). They did their MA in International Performance Research at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Tampere in Finland as an Erasmus Mundus scholar. They were also educated in Quezon City.

Ty has served in the boards of the Philippine Studies Association (PSA) and Babaylanes, Inc, a foundation based in Metro Manila that supports the LGBTQI+ student organizing in the country. They also direct the Digital Archive Project of Babaylanes. They were elected as Vice-President, University and Academic Affairs of the UBC Graduate Student Society (GSS). In this capacity, they represented the advocacies of 10,000 graduate students in the university, provincial, and national levels. For five years, they coordinated the UBC Philippine Studies Series, a network of scholars and students in British Columbia, who are conducting research on the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora.

Ty migrated to Canada in 1999. They were based in Vancouver for two decades before moving to the National Capital Region in 2020 to work for the Government of Canada. This is their first time living far away from the ocean. They were born and raised in Cebu City.