Who We Are

Our Vision

A strong Filipino-Canadian community contributing to a better Canada.

Our Mission

To support Filipino-Canadians in becoming an integral part of Canadian society by providing programs and services that fulfill their needs, advance their aspirations and promote pride in Filipino heritage.

Our Values

We believe that everyone can and want to contribute the full potential of their skills, values and culture to enrich Canadian society.

We believe that our strength and effectiveness as a community is built on working together, in collaboration and partnership with others.

We respect each person and value differences. We believe that our diverse origins, cultures and orientations all contribute to positive change.

We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity and transparency. We acknowledge the legitimate interests of our members, our partners and those we serve, and we comply with the laws and regulations of our country.

We believe that the rich Filipino culture, customs and traditions contribute to the vitality and vibrancy of Canadian society.

Board of Directors

Margarita Anzures-Berry

Lota Bertulfo
Vice-Chair External Affairs

Lolita Shaila Safaee Chalkasra

Charito Babol

Mila Allard

Amelita Armit

Ernesto Cordero

Ruel Jimenez

Teilhard Paradela

Rudy Sabas

Robert Salvador 

Adonis Sucalit

Our Partners & Funding Organizations

PCC logo no text

The Meaning Behind The Logo:

  • The two triangles represent the merging of two cultures that when put together radiates a unique energy that brings out the best in both worlds.
  • Red represents Canada and Blue represents the Philippines. The red color of Canada further enhances the Philippine identity, and consistent with its value for a mosaic culture, it does not assimilate the heritage of its immigrants, but rather enhances its identity.
  • The maple leaf is a central symbol for the nation of Canada, as represented on its flag.
  • The “rays” unifies the two seemingly separate triangles – becoming one yet preserving the distinct nature of Filipino-Canadians. The colour yellow represents the sun, which is on the Filipino flag.
  • The "eight rays” represents the limitless potential of what a Filipino-Canadian can contribute to their community - eight (8) being a symbol of infinity.
  • The two helping hands symbolize programs and services that support Filipino-Canadians by mobilizing their talents and resources.
  • The two circles surrounding the triangles represent the Filipino-Canadian community supporting one another through unique challenges they face and celebrating their successes together.
  • PCC is confident and trusts in the talent and good will of Filipino-Canadians in contributing to a better Canada.