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PCC Young Professionals Network

February 1, 2019

The Young Professionals Network is a networking community created February 2019 that aims to empower young Filipino-Canadians to excel in their fields by connecting them to relevant events, sharing opportunities around the National Capital Region (NCR), and finding new ways to support each other. “The hunt for professional opportunities is ubiquitous, and we realize how difficult it might be to navigate the job market right now. That’s why we started this group!”, according to former PCC Board member Ringo Morella. Young professionals from all fields are welcome in this community, whether it is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Arts, Business, Education, Government fields, and more.

Although the PCC is an Ottawa-based non-profit organization serving the local Filipino-Canadian community, it is expanding its online network across the country. Young professionals who reside outside the NCR are welcome to join.  See PCC-Young Professionals Network on Facebook.