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Meetings with Local Politicians and Leaders to Establish Awareness and Provide Updates About PCC in Canada’s Capital City

December 1, 2018

The Philippine Centre Canada’s efforts toward general community outreach go beyond Filipino organizations. Former Board Chairperson Nena Nera has also prioritized engaging with local politicians and leaders to boost PCC’s visibility and garner external support. Ms. Nera, along with other Board members, have had the opportunity to meet with MP Chandra Arya, MP Anita Vandenbeld, Mayor Jim Watson, Ottawa city councillor Mark Taylor, former Dominican University College President Maxime Allard, and officers at the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa. Meetings with said politicians and leaders were held to inform them about PCC’s Vision, Mission, and projects, as well as to initiate working together in future projects. A potential partnership with the Philippine Embassy has also been proposed, as PCC regards them as a strong ally in fulfilling its Mission.