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Tagalog Classes for School Children

Tagalog classes for school children
Do you want your children to know how to speak and understand at least one Philippine language for them to be able to communicate with their Lolos, Lolas and other elderly relatives in the Philippines? Then, send them to Tagalog classes!
Many children of Filipino heritage who were either born or grew up in Canada do not know how to speak and understand even one of the 120 languages spoken in the Philippines. Pilipino, the national language, is derived from Tagalog.
The Ontario Catholic School Board is offering Tagalog classes (in-person and virtual) for school children. For more information about this program and if you want your children to learn Tagalog, please register by clicking on this link:…/1FAIpQLSdvKK1urG7X5e…/viewform
For more information please visit:
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