The “Enhancing Connectivity of Seniors with Their Families and Community Through Digital Technology” is a joint project of the Philippine Centre Canada (PCC) and the Ottawa Valley Filipino-Canadian Senior Citizens’ Association (OVFCSCA) with funding support from the New Horizons for Seniors Program of the Ministry of Seniors. Generally, it aims to strengthen social inclusion and mitigate social isolation of older adults. Specifically, it aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of Filipino-Canadian seniors (at least 50 years old) in using a type of digital technology (specifically, a tablet) to be able to communicate with their families in Canada or elsewhere and their friends as well as to access information available online. The project is to be implemented in six months.


Roles, Responsibilities, Tasks

The PCC with OVFCSCA is looking for a part-time Project Coordinator on a contractual basis who will be responsible for the implementation of this project. The individual will be guided by a Project Advisory Committee comprised of three representatives each from the PCC and OVFCSCA and will report to a PCC Vice-Chair. He/she is expected to perform the following tasks:

  1. Prepare an implementation plan and budget,
  2. Coordinate the overall implementation of the project,
  3. Work with the Project Advisory Group in setting up the selection criteria for participants and volunteer trainers,
  4. Recruit and supervise volunteer trainers in coordination with the IT and Social Media Committee of PCC,
  5. Prepare project information campaign materials for the purpose of recruitment of volunteers and participants and sharing project activities to the public,
  6. Ensure that information materials are promptly disseminated using PCC’s social media sites and other means,
  7. Canvass types and corresponding prices of tablets, and facilitate procurement according to approved guidelines,
  8. Prepare regular project implementation and financial reports and present them during the ExeCom meeting when required,
  9. Prepare progress and final project reports required by the funding agency and finalize after review by the ExeCom.


Desired Qualifications

The Project Coordinator must have the following qualifications:

  1. Has the ability to reach out to the Filipino-Canadian community and establish rapport with volunteers and seniors,
  2. Is IT (particularly tablet) literate,
  3. Has project and financial management skills and experience.
  4. Has excellent interpersonal and effective communication skills.


Please send your application to