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Personal Support Worker Carol Receives a SALAMAT Box

Carol has been a personal support worker for five years and currently works for a home care agency. She worked three to four part-time jobs before the pandemic. A challenge her working hours have drastically decreased with very limited areas to work in the community.

According to Carol, she could not help but be scared at times because any elderly client she is helping might have disease/s that can potentially be transmitted to her. This fear is also felt whenever she takes the bus, where random passengers can also be unknown carriers.

To help relieve her apprehensions, she always follows infection control guidelines such as handwashing and hand rubbing reasonably. She said that in addition to infection prevention practices… “nothing beats the power of prayers.”

Carol is very thankful that she received Salamat box food package and hand hygiene kit made possible by the Canadian Red Cross and the Employment and Social Development Canada.

Salamat Carol for the hardwork that you do!

Thank you to our volunteer Pam who went out of her way on a rainy day!

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