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PCC Supporting the Filipino Canadian Community through Financial Awareness Seminars

PCC Legacy Planning Seminar


— On Saturday, November 26th, Philippine Centre Canada hosted a free hybrid Legacy Planning seminar at the Hintonburg Community Centre. This Legacy Planning seminar along with the Financial Awareness seminar PCC held on September 24th are a part of PCC’s efforts to support the Filipino-Canadian community in the National Capital Region. These seminars were led by PCC’s own treasurer, Charito “Chat” Babol and attended by several board and community members who wished to receive practical guidance, increase their financial literacy, plan ahead, and gain peace of mind for themselves as well as their loved ones.

PCC Treasurer and Seminar Facilitator, Charito “Chat” Babol

Recent Filipino immigrants who come to Canada in their adulthood may be unfamiliar with financial duties, expectations, and obligations. Terms like “estate planning”, “RRSP”, “RRIF”, “Probate fees,” etc., can be confusing and intimidating. Estate, legacy, and financial planning are complicated processes and we want to minimize unexpected costs and unwelcome surprises for ourselves and our families.

Board Member Ruel Jimenez and PCC Staff, Ethel Maamo during the seminar

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