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PCC Held 2021 Annual General Meeting

PCC Held 2021 Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on May 29, 2022 at the meeting room of the Assumption Church in Ottawa, Ontario.

Hybrid – PCC 2021 Annual General Meeting

Margarita Anzures-Berry, the Chairperson, presented the accomplishments and activities in 2021 which included PCC’s successful delivery of COVID-19 response projects funded by the Government of Canada through the Canadian Red Cross. One project (August 2020-May 2021) enabled PCC to deliver COVID-19 community support, particularly food and care packages, to 890 Filipino-Canadian frontline workers, seniors and caregivers impacted by the pandemic. PCC also successfully implemented the Youth Resilience and Entrepreneurship Skills Training project (August 2020-February 2021), which benefited close to 50 Filipino-Canadian youth and engaged 10 Filipino-Canadian experts in varied professions and entrepreneurial pursuits. The project helped reduce the impacts of the pandemic on young Filipino-Canadians’ physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

PCC also received an additional grant from the ESDC through the New Horizons for Seniors program that enabled PCC to teach close to 50 Filipino-Canadian seniors in the use of digital technology such as tablet and mobile phone. This project was in partnership with the Ottawa Valley Filipino-Canadian Senior Citizens Association (OVFSCA). Again, in partnership with OVFSCA, PCC was able to leverage its track record of channeling resources from government and service agencies to help the seniors in the Fil-Can community when PCC received a small grant from the Ontraion province through the Older Adults Centres of Ontario (OACAO) to organize social interaction sessions by telephone among seniors. More than 30 seniors participated in these sessions, which were facilitated by 5 volunteers (4 seniors and 1 young adult).

The Chair’s report also highlighted other key achievements. PCC invested in improving its social media sites, especially its website, and opened new ones, specifically on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Through the funding support from the Information and Communication Technology Council of Canada (ICTC), PCC was able to hire an IT student intern to create a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system to enable PCC to have a more extensive reach to the Filipino-Canadian community in the National Capital Region. A Learning Management System was created. PCC produced a multi-year strategic plan.

Charito Babol, the Treasurer, presented the 2021 financial status of PCC.  Overall, the financial report showed significant financial growth for PCC due mainly to the grants received from the federal government and the Ontario province through the CRC, OACAO, and ICTC.

Maureen (Maui) Carlos was nominated and elected as a new Board member. Current and past members present at the meeting held by hybrid (in-person and virtual) format were Amelita Armit, Charito Babol, Ellen Galupo, Ernesto Cordero, Lolita Shaila Safaee Chalkasra, Lota Bertulfo, Lyn Cordero, Manny Beloy, Margarita Anzures-Berry, Marion Villanueva, Rodolfo Sabas, Ruel Jimenez, Teilhard Paradela, and Yola Beloy.



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