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PCC Elected New Officers

PCC Elected New Officers

Lota Bertulfo  new Chairperson

The PCC Board elected a new Chairperson and Board Secretary – Lota Bertulfo and Maureen Carlos, respectively, during its meeting last July 20, 2022. They replaced Margarita (Margie) Anzures-Berry (Chair, January 2021-July 2022) and Lolita Shaila Safaee Chalkasra (Board Secretary, January 2021-July 2022). Margie was also the PCC Treasurer from mid-2019 to December 2020. Both Margie and Shaila ably served PCC in their respective roles and in their ideas that shape PCC’s current and future directions.

Lota previously held the positions of Board Secretary (March 2018-December 2020), Vice-Chair for Internal Affairs  (January-May 2021) and Vice-Chair for External Affairs  (June 2021-July 2022). Lota’s commitment to PCC and its vision is reflected, among other ways,


Teilhard (Ty) Paradela elected Vice Chairman

in her contributions to accessing grants that enabled PCC to implement several programs that benefited different sectors of the Filipino-Canadian community in the National Capital Region.

Maureen (Maui) Carlos was elected to the Board during PCC’s 2021 Annual General Meeting last May 29, 2022. Prior to joining the Board, Maui was an active volunteer by assisting the PCC IT and Social Media team in setting up PCC’s Instagram and YouTube accounts.  She is a Bachelor of Law graduate of Carleton University and is currently taking a paralegal course at Algonquin College. Maui will serve the Board for 3 years.

Maureen (Maui) Carlos new Board Secretary

In its meeting last August 19, 2022, the Board elected Teilhard (Ty) Paradela to be its Vice-Chair replacing Lota Bertulfo.  Ty joined the PCC Board last December 2020.  He was a lecturer at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver before he moved to Ottawa, then to Montreal. He is also a PhD candidate of this university. He currently works at the Women and Gender Equality (WAGE) Canada. Ty brings with him his rich experience working for and with youth, his learnings from his involvement in activities and events organized by the Filipino-Canadian community in Vancouver, and his ideas into what PCC can do for Filipinos in Canada.


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