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PCC Board Members and Staff Held a Strategic Planning: First in-Person Meeting Since COVID-19 Pandemic Started

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On September 4, 2021, PCC Board members and staff gathered in downtown Ottawa for a whole day strategic planning to chart the organization’s direction in the next five years. This strategic planning was PCC’s first in-person activity since the first lockdown in March 2020.

Strategic Planning 2021

Strategic Planning Process


The strategic planning process is essential for the setting of high-level goals that would help determine the type of programs and services that PCC will provide.


The participants in the planning were: Ami Armit, Charito Babol, Lota Bertulfo, Margie Berry, Mila Allard, Rudy Sabas, ShailaSafaeeChalkasra, Ruel Jimenez, and Teilhard Paradela (Board members); . Bea Corcino and Jean Roxas (current and past staff); Mary Formoso and Novie Ramos representing the Ottawa Valley Filipino-Canadian Seniors Association (PCC partner and collaborator). Board member, Adonis (Don) Sucalit ably facilitated the process.  The group revisited PCC’s vision and mission, identified key internal and external issues, and did a SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis to get a better picture of the gaps that need to be filled within the Filipino-Canadian community in Ottawa and all of Canada.  A strategic planning committee was set up to synthesize the outputs of the planning activity.  The new PCC strategic plan is aimed to be completed and approved by the Board before the end of the year.


Overall, the event was a great opportunity for the Board and staff to meet and get to know each other after a year and a half of virtual activities. Filipino dishes were served for snacks and lunch, which was enjoyed by everyone.

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