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Former Essential Workers P.M. and Her Husband New to Ottawa, Receive a SALAMAT Box

P.M. and her family recently moved to Ottawa from Newfoundland in August 2020. Her husband is set to undergo preparations for stem cell therapy as a treatment option for blood cancer in addition to his regular chemotherapy cycles. It is unfortunate that her husband was also diagnosed with a disease that causes his own immune system to attack its nerves.

The couple were both essential workers in Newfoundland before coming to Ottawa. She is currently applying for jobs while taking care of her sick husband and two young kids. Her husband is unable to work due to his illness.

P.M. and her family have received a SALAMAT Box food package and hand hygiene kit to help them now and in the coming days. Philippine Centre Canada has also provided P.M. several online resources that might be beneficial to them.

To P.M. and family, be strong! Keep faith!

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