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Contest Winners: PCC Malikhaing Pinoy Sa Hamon Ng Panahon (Creative Arts) April 20, 2021

The Philippine Centre Canada held a creative arts contest in March 2021 to showcase the participants’ views and feelings about Filipino-Canadian resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may read the contest guidelines here:

The PCC is honoured to present the contest winners:

1st Prize – “quilted bedcover” by Thelma Rogers


“I made this Queen size bedspread for my granddaughter. I started in April 2020, and it took me 8 months to finish it (December 2020). I first learned how to make this when I was in grade 5 back home in the Philippines. I cut up pieces of different cloth materials in circles, sewed them up to be like a flower, then put them together. The whole bedspread was handmade by me. I never thought that I could make it as big as this, but due to the lockdown and not having much to do or anywhere to go, I had all the time to work on this project.” -Thelma

PCC Project Assistant, Toffee Almasan, with 1st Prize winner, Thelma Rogers





2nd Prize – “painted rocks” by Pamela Tumbaga



“These art pieces are hand-painted rocks formed into cacti. The theme “Malikhaing Pinoy sa Hamon ng Panahon” is reflected in a cactus, a plant that is very resilient; it can survive even in the worst weather conditions.” -Pam

PCC Project Assistant, Toffee Almasan, with 2nd Prize winner, Pamela Tumbaga.





3rd Prize – “sketch” by Leigh Adarna


“I am not an artist, but during this challenging time, I tried to do something that would take my mind off the pandemic.

I tried sketching, and this is my first piece.” -Leigh

PCC Project Assistant, Toffee Almasan, with 3rd Prize winner, Leigh Adarna

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