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Board Retreat Held to Discuss Vision, Mission, Goals and Priorities (August 2019)

In August 2019, another PCC Board retreat was held at a Board member’s cottage in Quebec. The most significant outcomes of the retreat were the revision of PCC’s vision statement and approval of activities aligned with PCC’s four pillars.

A motion to revise the vision statement to make it simpler and catchier was approved. It changed from “A strong Filipino-Canadian community in Canada’s National Capital Region, contributing to their skills, values and culture to building a better Canada” to “A strong Filipino-Canadian community contributing to a better Canada”. In addition, a list of activities was presented, and Board members either volunteered or were appointed to the roles of team lead and support. Each team was tasked to propose an implementation plan for the activity assigned to them. All activities were designed to align with PCC’s pillars- Capacity Building, Grants and Funding, Heritage and Culture, and Advocacy, Linkages and Community Outreach.

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