Welcome to the Immigrant Information Centre

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The Immigration Information Centre (IIC) was conceived by Kyrah Miranda and Gerlino Tamayo to establish a webpage within the Philippine Centre Canada’s (PCC) website. This webpage aims to provide access to information that assists Filipino migrants in navigating their immigration process into Canada.

About the project

summer in ottawa
Summer in Ottawa, Canada.

The IIC was designed to include information on the following:

  • Most updated immigration policies of Canada (e.g. application for work and study permits, PR and streams, naturalization as Canadian citizens, etc.)
  • Legal rights and responsibilities of migrants (e.g. protect themselves from workplace abuse, securing personal documents as a citizen of the Philippines)  
  • Services that would aid in their immigration as permanent residents and/or Canadian citizens (e.g. volunteering opportunities, community participation, network to available resources, etc.)
  • A network of immigration lawyers and firms that have been aiding this process of immigration.

While initially prioritizing immigration matters, particularly permanent residency and Canadian citizenship, the IIC also aims to incorporate the following aspects should the opportunity arise:

  • Additional services (e.g. access to financial assistance, financial literacy, housing assistance, healthcare services, language learning opportunities, education and volunteer system overview, etc.)
  • Information to aid in the transition of Filipino international students into educational institutions in Canada (e.g. Adult HS into university and/or college)

The construction of this web page was then approved by the Youth Civic Engagement Lab (YCEL) of PCC, and was duly funded by a microgrant from both PCC and Canada Service Corps with Kyrah Miranda as the main project proponent in 2024.

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