Program Manager

Terms of Reference

Program Manager

The Program Manager reports directly to the PCC Chairperson/CEO and is responsible for the efficient, effective, and timely implementation of the project, “Filipino-Canadian Youth Civic Engagement Lab”, funded by the Employment and Social Development Canada under the Canada Service Corps (CSC) and in providing oversight on one other PCC project, the “Healthy Aging for Seniors” project.

In relation to the “Filipino-Canadian Youth Civic Engagement Lab” project, the Program Manager is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Prepare a project implementation workplan, including timetable and budget,
  2. Develop a project communication approach (for promotion, documentation, and information dissemination); specifically, to inform the FilCan community about this opportunity for youth, document key project activities in narrative print and video, and to share information about project activities, outputs, and outcomes to PCC members and the general public,
  3. Lead in the implementation of this approach, including the development of attractive promotional materials (digital and print), identification of organizations, agencies or groups targeted in the promotion and info dissemination,
  4. Lead in the organizing of the project launching,
  5. With the Participant Selection Committee, develop the participant selection criteria, and assist the committee in the selection of eligible and qualified participants,
  6. Lead in the search of suitable Lead Trainor/Facilitator, Assistant Trainors, and Documentor,
  7. Coordinate with the training team (Lead Trainor/Facilitator, Assistants, and Documentor) in the development of the training design, tools, and materials and provide technical assistance and logistical support, as needed, 
  8. Develop a framework for the documentation of the training proceedings, and guide the Documentor in the use of this framework, and review the draft documentation,
  9. With the Project Proposal Selection Committee, develop the project selection criteria, and assist the committee (technical and logistical) in the selection of projects to be funded,
  10. With the Executive Committee, develop the selection criteria of the project mentors, and provide technical assistance and logistical support, as needed,
  11. Develop a monitoring approach and tools and conduct monitoring and ensure smooth implementation of funded projects,
  12. Coordinate with the Video Documentarian in capturing the stories of the grant recipients,
  13. Draft Terms of Reference of project contractors, such as trainors, mentors, and documentors, video documentarian,
  14. Draft narrative project reports,
  15. Lead project team in the efficient and effective implementation of the project.

In relation to the “Healthy Aging for Seniors” project,

  1. Coordinate with the Project Coordinator in project implementation according to the timetable and budget,
  2. Facilitate provision of administrative and logistical support in preparation for and conduct of the workshops for seniors,
  3. With the Project Coordinator, ensure that the lectures are documented (registration list, participant profile, photos, video),
  4. Guide the Project Coordinator in preparing the narrative report.

The successful candidate must have knowledge, skills, and experience  in the following areas:

  1. Project management 
  2. Training design, implementation, and evaluation
  3. Social media utilization knowledge and skills
  4. English communication skills (speaking before a large audience and writing)

Preferred (but not must have) qualifications are:

  1. Experience in working with youth, preferably youth of Filipino heritage
  2. Of Filipino heritage
  3. Knowledge of youth civic engagement

Because of the short duration of project implementation, the successful candidate must have strong organizational and time management skills.

This is a part-time position (30 hours/week) on a short-term engagement (8 months, from August 16, 2023 to April 15, 2024).  PCC offers a competitive rate to the successful candidate.

Applicants may send their most current CV with a cover letter to indicating the subject title:  Program Manager not later than August 10, 2023, 5:00 PM.