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PCC Holds 2022 AGM

The 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Philippines Centre Canada was held on May 27th, 2023 at the Hintonburg Community Centre. Some members attended the AGM virtually.  The meeting was convened with the Call to Order and Confirmation of Quorum at 1:00 PM. The meeting agenda was revised and approved and the 2022 AGM Minutes were accepted. The AGM 2022 started with the Annual Financial Report which reviewed the  Un-Audited Year End Financial Statements As of 31 December 2022.

This was followed by the Chairperson, Lota Bertulfo presenting the Annual Report 2022 of the PCC.  In her report, Ms. Bertulfo highlighted key milestones:  the entry of five new members to the PCC Board, the launch of the Ugnayan Fund (UF), the implementation of the “PCC Capacity-building” project funded by Canadian Heritage and the “Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing of Filipino-Canadian Youth through Art and Music” project that led to the hiring of two project staff per project, the opening of PCC’s physical office, and the relatively high success rate of PCC’s various grant-seeking initiatives.  She also reported on the Board training on governance, advocacy and fund-raising delivered by Volunteer Ottawa experts, programs and operations, project staff, financial literacy seminars/workshops, strengthening of existing partnerships and building new ones, the digitization of financial records, and various community outreach activities. 

The presentation of the 2022 report was followed by the presentation of the 2023 Operational Plan. Members had the opportunity to ask questions as presented. After all questions and comments were addressed, the meeting concluded with the confirmation of the election of new Board members –  Albert Opena, Elle Galupo, Jerica Gelle Mariano, Malaya Matibag and  Rosary Escano. Overall, this year’s AGM was a success as all necessary business items were discussed and the membership was informed and updated with the organization’s performance over the past year.

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